Adam Snodgrass

When making a decision on purchasing a new firearm I ask myself 1 major question. What is the purpose of the firearm I want to buy?

When I first saw the Sig P365 I thought there was no way I would like this pistol. After shooting it a couple of times i realized that there is a lot going on with it that no one else has been able to accomplish.

1.) High magazine capacity while maintaining a slim profile.

2.) Trigger weight not heavy and not to light as well as Trigger travel being not too long like the Ruger LCP and not too short like a 1911.

3.) Aesthetics on the P365 has been beautiful, sleek, and bold.

4.) Weight is light and easy to carry all day every day.

I am a very busy person and the events that take place in my day varies from hour to hour and I need a light weight, slim profile pistol that I can carry all the time without it becoming cumbersome. The Sig Sauer P365 is the fix to my EDC problem and has been a phenomenal fit in my every day life.

Below is a great video by Colion Noir showing how nice the P365 is. Take a look!